The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale

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Hey all,

So, lots to do, lots to do. I've got the CVD coming up this week. Wednesday the 28th through May 2nd. I'll be there most of the day. It's the general area's biggest fair. So, I'm REAL stoked about this all and look forward to it.
Also, I'll be doing fairs every other sunday in Ventura @ a car dealership. Different, I know. But I think my work will do well there and Im gonna be doing a series of 'car' themed work especially for that fair.
And then...... VERY big news, Im gonna be setting up a meeting with a lady that owns an Art Gallery in West Hollywood in two weeks. She's interested in my Inked Owl Series! Wooot!!! Hah, I'm so excited!So, lots coming up and I look forward to it all.
Keep checking back.