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Hey there,

So, yes, a lot has happen. But, I moved to Seattle, WA finally over a month ago. I love it up here! but, im making the transition in many ways. Trying to find the artist nitch out here too. I do love it here so much and it's a heavily infused art city.

I've been M.I.A as of late on here due to my Grandpa passing away in early Dec. It's been very hard for me. And I've not been painting much lately, Im still drawing though. Always will be drawing, that'll never change.  I just drew up a tattoo design for my self, it's a silhouette of the ship from District 9 hover over a silhouette of Seattle. looks awesome too.

When I find a place to sell my art up here, I'll start updating more.
Sorry for not being here. But I shall be coming back with more art too!
I feel like this sometimes
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hey everyone,

it's been awhile, sadly this is due to me trying to go out and get a real job. It's been tough, and i forgot how much I hate retail.  i've been doing a few things here and there. doing some freelance work & doing a few gallery shows.
I recently did a album cover for a band from Ventura, check it out here!
I'm doing another gallery opening the first Friday of next month. info on that is in the events section!
The year goes by so fast, crazy to think DEC ( my b-day month ) is already coming up!
Oh, i also joined Twatter..... i mean Twitter. Why, I donno. To share my thoughts? More like stalk people i simply wuve!
And by people I mean Brody Dale & Sam Sim-Wise.
Check me out there, link over there ----------->
later kiddies!
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Hello Kiddies,
So a lot of shit has been going on with me. Truth be told, a lot of bad things. Real hard times as of late. It's put me on a mood of not wanting to do much. BUT, I've been coming out of it. I've been doing a lot of new things. Coming more to a evolved forum of art.  I'm still working on new things and as they are finished, they'll be up on here.
New things:
I made a new page for the Inked Art Series
And the New Art has been updated.

Im in the process of getting $ together for a silk screener so i can start doing my own shirts.
Also, waiting on hearing back from a lady that owns a major art gallery in Hollywood. Also, gonna be going out to that area to gallery hunt, see if i can get my work in other places.
Starting Oct 1st though, for the next 4 months, I'll be having some of my work up in a gallery in Ventura. Check out the 'Events' section for info.
I'm gonna finally finish a project I've been working on for a band. A album cover.
Also, Check back soon for a new series I'll be doing. Let's call it 3-d? And not the stupid movie type. Something very neat!
Check back!
Thanks guys
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Hey guys,

Sorry it's a bit since I said hey and or have had an update. So, in the past few weeks, I had a meeting with a very nice lady that owns a HUGE, very high end gallery and it went well. I have to make some touch up's to some painting for them to get in: Check! Also, trying to get my work into a few more places. Also, Im doing some new costume pieces to help fund my trip up north to Seattle next month! wooooo!

As for new work: Im doing some new series of the Inked Series: City Of the Dead, Mirror Images & some new owl designs. These Inked Series are getting a very good response. So, Im gonna go with it..... a lot! 

Thanks to all who also stop by at any art fair I do to support me and or say hello!
Keep checking back!

The picture is from the movie 'the professional' and yes, I played around with it for fun. I do LOVE this movie a lot though!
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Hey Kiddies!

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to C.V.D and came by with kind words and or purchased something!  Anything was very welcome. And thanks to all of the support I got from people!
I'm doing another fair tomorrow in Simi Valley, and it's an actual art fair this time around.  I'm also going to be at the Ventura Street fair to and that's a biggie. I was there last year, but it was beyond very windy and that was the suck!

Besides that, Im in the process of getting my work into a gallery in West Hollywood, so keep an eye out for that. I'm also working on more Inked Series. Just trying out designs for now, but their looking promising.

I'm going to putting together a poll soon for people to vote on t-shirt designs. I want YOU the fans of my lovely work to choice what you'd like to see! And I'll pick the top 3 and get them made. So, be on the look out for that too.

Ok, thats it for now, lots to do!
Again, thanks to everyone!

P.S Check out this awesome band too, their awesome live!
Champagne Sunday

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Hey all,

So, lots to do, lots to do. I've got the CVD coming up this week. Wednesday the 28th through May 2nd. I'll be there most of the day. It's the general area's biggest fair. So, I'm REAL stoked about this all and look forward to it.
Also, I'll be doing fairs every other sunday in Ventura @ a car dealership. Different, I know. But I think my work will do well there and Im gonna be doing a series of 'car' themed work especially for that fair.
And then...... VERY big news, Im gonna be setting up a meeting with a lady that owns an Art Gallery in West Hollywood in two weeks. She's interested in my Inked Owl Series! Wooot!!! Hah, I'm so excited!So, lots coming up and I look forward to it all.
Keep checking back.

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Hey hey everyone, ok so the site is pretty much complete!
The Art section, Art series, new art and Art Gallery are up!
The Water color, New Water Color And Water Color Gallery are up!
The Illustrations, New Graphics and Graphics Gallery are up!

Everything has been re-done and neatly polished!
A video section and a shopping cart are coming soon!
 Keep checking back!
Thanks all!