The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale

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In this section, is where the new water color will be put. All pieces are done on water color paper, colored and then INKED in black Indian Ink.  Just like anything new, their new idea’s and concepts, or taken from an old painting or graphic and made new.

Something Bigger, Something Better

These are the starts of NEW Series of watercolor pieces. Anywhere from the Cover of a book to Tattoo design to Gifts!

Girls In Glasses
A Different Style, For A Very Different Type Of Love Story

Water Color on Cold Press 10 X 19
Price: $95

I’d have to say out of most of the work I’ve done, this is one of my favorite pieces I’ve done.  This is the cover art to a book I'm writing. Based on my exploits with past girlfriends. And yes all of them, have worn glasses. All 5 of these girls in this piece are shown from back to front, first to last are very accurate to how they look. BUT, they ARE indeed lacking faces. That’s due to their faces are meant to be enhanced by there glasses. The look and style to each girl is unique in it’s self.
This new style is something I’m really enjoy, so be on the look out for more!

Squid <3's Unicorn
A Very Different Kind Of Love

Water Color on Cold Press 9 X 11
Price: Depending on customising

This specific piece isn’t for sale, that is unless YOU really like it and want me to remake it. But, the style, is sort of as I like to call: playful indie.
This was done as a gift for someone, The Squid is supposed to be me and the Unicorn is well, a girl. Didn’t work out, but a neat idea and new design came from it.

Praying Mother
Divine In Any Format

Water Color on Cold Press 9 X 14
Price: $135

This is the VERY first of the Day of the Dead Series. The Praying Mother is obviously inspired by Día De Los Muertos. The celebration of the dead, to not morn them, but to celebrate them. I just thought taking this style, do my own thing with it, would turn out cool. AND HOW!
She and the others of her series, are skulls with different colored markings on their ‘faces’.

Star Maker Series: Pink
Even The Star Makers, Start Off As Youngen's

Water Color on Cold Press 4 X 7
Price: $35

This is the newest of the Tiny Series of Water Color.  Based on the acrylic painting: The Star Maker, these amazing Squid-pies have turned into a very enjoyable "to make and look at" series. This one here, is a youngling. A girl version, she’s not yet able to squirt out Star yet. Look out for her, as she gets older, along with her other brothers and sisters!