The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale


Sean Kale

About A Boy
Sean Kale, a Southern California born artist, has been drawing  consistently since he was 3 years old. Always being different in a  positive way, so was his art. Learning from all things around him from people, pets, landscapes, fellow artist and life travels. Sean  expresses his passion for things around him through his unique style and quirky perception on life lessons. From music that has heavily inspired his life and especially art, to being able to take an idea or a modern thing we see daily and changing it to make us all enjoy it for it’s different aspects. As Sean grows and learns more as a person, so does his art. The gallery's for now and someday, world domination!!

Photo Slide Show!
Picture's of me, My G/F and me, family and friends to show I DO have a life ( kind of ).

Random Facts:

Most of my work is heavily inspired by music and other artists.
Music such as: Punk, alternative rock, old school rock music and a lot more.
Artists include: Sam Keith (The Maxx)
Eastman & Laird (TMNT),Whoever the artist is for the The Big Sister From BioShock2,  Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl),  Shepard Fairey And Van Gogh

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