The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale

Tunes- Tom Waits- Gun Street Girl

Hey guys,

Sorry it's a bit since I said hey and or have had an update. So, in the past few weeks, I had a meeting with a very nice lady that owns a HUGE, very high end gallery and it went well. I have to make some touch up's to some painting for them to get in: Check! Also, trying to get my work into a few more places. Also, Im doing some new costume pieces to help fund my trip up north to Seattle next month! wooooo!

As for new work: Im doing some new series of the Inked Series: City Of the Dead, Mirror Images & some new owl designs. These Inked Series are getting a very good response. So, Im gonna go with it..... a lot! 

Thanks to all who also stop by at any art fair I do to support me and or say hello!
Keep checking back!

The picture is from the movie 'the professional' and yes, I played around with it for fun. I do LOVE this movie a lot though!