The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale


This section is Individual Paintings. Every Acrylic Painting on this site, set as an individual, so you can view them much large then the gallery section!
You can also Download a few Painting Images for Wallpaper skins or just to have you're computer! The Download Icons are below each section of paintings, more will come over time!

All the Newest Paintings Displayed here

Inked Art Series
The Ink & paper Mache' canvas series both water colored & Black-White

Art Series
These Are The Series, Same Subject, Viewed Differently

Day Of The Dead

The Skullys

The Bleedin Hearts

Stitched Hanging Moons

Stitched Peace Signs


Almost Famoues
These are the most popular paintings!

Random But Awesome

Color Comes In All Forms
Bright And Colorful

Custom Work
If You Requested It, It'll End Ip Here