The Art work Of Sir Sean Kale

..... And amazing stuff!

Bigger, Better and full of AWESOME!

........... Kinda/ Sorta
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Hey hey everyone, ok so the site is pretty much complete!
The Art section, Art series, new art and Art Gallery are up!
The Water color, New Water Color And Water Color Gallery are up!
The Illustrations, New Graphics and Graphics Gallery are up!

Everything has been re-done and neatly polished!
A video section and a shopping cart are coming soon!
 Keep checking back!
Thanks all!

A work in progress

Hey, Looky!
The Clash- Garageland

Hey all, so while I'm working on this new site. Some things are still not up. Most of the art section is up. But the new art work isn't. And the water color isn't up yet nor are the illustrations yet.
I've been sick the past two weeks and I've also been freelancing.
But I'm gonna make time for this!

< that's a pic of my card at an art gallery, they just had a wall of people's cards and info.

New site up!

Tough Daddy
Tunes- M.J- Smooth Criminal

Hello all! Ok, so new site up! woo hoo! I'm going with my name now, as my 'company', to just try something different. Bleedin' Arts will still be my company.